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200 EC-LC
Eccentric Diaphragm Pumps

  • Mini pumps specially designed to pump small volumes.
  • Minimal size, low power consumption, high precision controllability.
  • The use of less expensive motors in the 200 EC-LC proves to be an optimal solution for a price-sensitve mass production.
  • Made for portable machines, especially for gas analysis.
  • Gas-tight pump heads allow the unaltered delivery of the media.
  • Specific materials are also suitable for problematic gases.
  • Because of our modular construction system, we can customize the pumps to fit all requirements. Without increasing developing costs.

Operating voltage 5 Vdc

Pneumatic performance

free flow at outlet: 600 ml/min
at 100 mbar: 400 ml/min
max. pressure: 550 mbar
at -100 mbar: 350 ml/min
max. vacuum: -500 mbar


motor type (standard): iron core
motor type (optional): -
max. nominal current: 160 mA


pump head (standard): PPS
pump head (optional): on request
valves (standard): EPDM
valves (optional): FKM
diaphragm (standard): EPDM
diaphragm (optional): FKM

Dimensions + weight

dimensions: 31.3 x 16 x 25 mm
weight: 17 g

Performance diagram

Performance diagram


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