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Timeline: Information and facts from our company history

1970 founded by Jürgen Schwarzer as "SP Jürgen Schwarzer GmbH & Co. KG". Production focused on aquarium and terrarium equipment as well as biological heating and filtering systems.
1980 Start of development and production of miniature diaphragm pumps. Opening new business segments in the industrial area.
1995 Transfer of corporate management to Dipl.-Kaufmann Marcus Schwarzer and Dipl.-Kauffrau Vera Schwarzer.
1995 Investment program for the consistent focus of the company to medical and laboratory technology, environmental technology and measuring and control technology. As a result of the new orientation, the product range was largely expanded.
1996 Development of the world's small vane pump.
1999 Certifcation to DIN EN ISO 9001.
2000 Rotary diaphragm pumps are added to expand the product range.
2003 Establishment of "Schwarzer Schwarzer Precision Sales GmbH".
2005 Development of the worldwide smallest piston pump.
2006 Because of the increasing international focus of the company the name is changed to "Schwarzer Precision".
2007 Establishment of "Schwarzer Precision Systems GmbH".
2008 Development of the worldwide smallest diaphragm pump, foundation of "Schwarzer Precision Solutions GmbH".
2011 Awarded the "Große Preis des Mittelstandes", representing the grand award of SMEs, the most sought after economic award in Germany.
2012 New construction of the SP corporate headquarters at the M1 Commercial District of Essen.
2013 Certification as "family-friendly business" by the Essen cooperation for the family.
2015 Schwarzer Precision and Bürkert Fluid Control Systems have joined forces since 01 July. The high degree of common ground, such as customer orientation, striving for perfection and a nearly identical value system, led us to the decision to join the Bürkert Group.
2018 Recertification to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.
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