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Modular production and customizing

We care. In addition to our proven standard program for industrial large-scale series, we are known internationally as the customizing experts for highly specialized applications. We develop the perfect solution for each application area–regardless of how complex the challenge.

All parameters of our precision pumps with modular design can be customized exactly to your predefined requirements. For example, we make different geometries of diaphragms, valves, valve seats and connecting rods available. The Shore hardness of the elastomers can be varied here just as much as the pretension of the diaphragm and the stroke of the connecting rod. Beyond this, a wide selection of drives is available for the perfect interaction of all components: from the economically priced iron core motor to high-value bell-type armature motors and on to the especially rugged and wear-free brushless motor.

The following parameters can be specifically adapted to your requirements:

In addition, our pumps can also be customized for sensitive environments and particularly demanding operating conditions such as:

You are looking for the exactly right pump for your application? We are glad to help! Please use our inquiry form for individual consultation.

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