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Pumps for safety devices Miniature pumps for leak indikators, Small pumps for personal protection devices and mobile gas analysis

Safety technology

Safety first: From gas concentration measurement at the workplace via portable personal protection devices on to toxicological analysis–our precision pumps with their diverse applications ensure the safety of human life.

In many aspects, miniature pumps from Schwarzer Precision are predestined for safety-related applications. Their reliable, maintenance-free running and long service life make for very high operating reliability. In addition, our pumps can be customized with all parameters exactly to the respective application and purpose. Each pump is precision-calibrated before leaving our production department.

The outstanding features of our precision pumps in mobile gas analysis and personal protection devices are their extremely compact dimensions, low weight and minimum electricity consumption Accordingly, the battery packs can be kept just as small. Various mounting options and variable hose connections allow their incorporation in any device. Installation even on a printed circuit board is possible. Gas measuring devices the size of a smartphone can thus be realized.

In the area of stationary workplace monitoring, our pumps convince by their quiet, low-vibration running and excellent selection capabilities. With pretensioned diaphragms, quickly closing high response valves (HRV) and optimized flow channels the pumps follow any control command with reliability and high accuracy. Undisturbed interaction with highly sensitive measuring sensors is possible through the nearly pulsation-free delivery of the measuring gas. Of course, the pump heads are 100% gastight and do not draw any external air–a basic prerequisite for unfalsified measuring results.

Chemically resistant elastomers are available for special applications. This allows transporting even highly aggressive acids and alkaline solutions without problem. Different motors are available as drives: from the economically priced brush motor to sophisticated brushless solutions guaranteeing troublefree continuous operation for years.

All these benefits ensure that you will obtain high-quality measuring results when employing our precision pumps.

Micro pumps from Schwarzer Precision are used, among others, in the following sectors of safety technology:


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