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Medical technology

Precision pumps for medical technology must satisfy maximum requirements. Only uncompromising quality counts in this sensitive area.

Micro pumps from Schwarzer Precision are recognized worldwide as extremely reliable high-tech aggregates. Our pumps are matched exactly to the specific application and calibrated with high precision. Consequently, our products are the first choice for manufacturers of medical equipment and devices.

An example of especially complex applications: In respirators our pumps must maintain the internal pressure of the lung (PEEP) to prevent the lung's alveoli from collapsing. The pressure must always lie exactly in the defined range from 3.8 to 4.2 mbar. The special challenge here: The valves must close with absolute reliability in spite of the extremely low counterpressure – and that for years!

Intensive research in the area of flow dynamics and micro-mechanics was required to meet these requirements. The application of our company’s own HRV technology (High Response Valves) allowed reducing the inertia of the valves to a minimum. The control range of the pumps increases dramatically; the pumps respond precisely to smallest pulse changes of the controller.

A microprocessor controls the highly exact brushless drive of the pump thus regulating the different PEEP requirements–from the infant to the senior. Even the physically unavoidable aging of the elastomers is fully compensated by this control system. The maintenance intervals stipulated so far can therefore be dispensed with.

SP pumps are successfully employed, among others, in the following medical technology applications:


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