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Foodstuffs, drinks and tobacco industry

Hygiene is the top dictate in the foodstuffs industry. Schwarzer Precision is an ideal partner for the food industry: we supply oil-free and maintenance-free pumps customized exactly to the respective application.

Top quality with unadulterated enjoyment: Miniature pumps from Schwarzer Precision are used in a wide variety of foodstuffs technology sectors. From automatic oven cleaning via various pressure and vacuum applications in vending machines to well-dosed humidification in cigar A/C chambers.

Our self-priming miniature fluid pumps, continuing to work flawlessly even after running dry, are predestined for flushing processes in professional coffee machines. This flushing process becomes absolutely essential in multiple beverage vending machines–to make sure coffee tastes like coffee and broth like broth. Our vacuum pumps are used for the aroma-preserving preparation of fresh tea: The vacuum ensures uniform swirl and prevents the beverage from running prematurely out of the brewing cylinder.

In professional dispensing systems and continuous flow coolers for beer our powerful air pumps provide the necessary operating pressure. The pumps suck in ambient air via sintered air filters and apply a predefined pressure to the beverage tanks. Through a riser pipe system the dispensed beverage is pressed up to the countertop dispenser and cooled to the right drinking temperature in continuous flow mode. Small battery-operated pressure pumps from Schwarzer Precision are used in beverage backpacks (portable dispensing units for events). These high-performance power dwarfs work extremely energy-efficient and ensure uninterrupted operation–without battery replacement and breaks for charging.

With the automatic cleaning of industrial baking ovens and holding ovens the cleaning agent is sprayed–exactly metered–by our liquid pumps. Their chemically resistant diaphragms and valves are immune even against highly aggressive solvents.

A very special application area can be found in the foodstuffs, drink and beverage industry: The gentle storage of cigars requires maintaining the right humidity with precision. A bit too humid and the cigar becomes moldy, slightly too dry and the wrapper tears. A SP miniature pump meters the smallest amounts of distilled water thereby ensuring a perfect storage climate. The pump runs for 2 years without battery change.

Yet this still does not exhaust the application areas of our precision pumps. Creative development engineers come up with new application options each day. A particularly exotic example: In dairy farms vacuum pumps from Schwarzer Precision are used for udder massage of cows. The amazing result: this stimulation leads to a drastic increase of the milk quantity produced.

Micro pumps from Schwarzer Precision are used, among others, in the following sectors of the foodstuff industry:


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