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Inkjet, printing and reprographic technology

Maximum precision and tough continuous operation are required in professional printing and reprographic-technology. Renowned inkjet and plotter manufacturers therefore rely on micro pumps from Schwarzer Precision.

Whether in professional labeling systems, inkjet printers or plotters: many different miniature pumps are required in printing technology.

Schwarzer Precision is the ideal partner for all printing equipment applications: we supply you with the world's smallest precision pumps convincing through superior selection properties, oil and maintenance-free running, long service life and an excellent price-performance ratio.

Our miniature pumps are self-priming and continue to work reliably even after running dry. This makes them equally suitable for ink transport, printer cleaning and flushing, ink extraction and replenishment of ink tanks. Special elastomers guarantee that the valves and diaphragms are resistant even against aggressive solvents. In addition, all parameters of each pump type can be matched exactly to your predefined operating conditions.

In the pre-press stage our vacuum pumps ensure the perfect flat position of the original documents on the reprographic table. To make sure that the table is also positioned horizontally, sleeves under the bases are variably inflated by our gas pumps. This provides for perfect leveling, even if the floor is uneven–to ensure that the image of the original is always perpendicular. At the same time, these air-filled sleeves guarantee the absence of vibrations of the original during long exposure times and small apertures.


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