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Automotive technology

Miniature pumps from Schwarzer Precision are used in a wide variety of applications in vehicle technology. From the electric forklift truck to the high-performance race car, they have proven themselves for decades through high reliability and exact customization to the respective purpose.

Time is money: SP pumps are used to cycle the electrolyte in chargers to reduce the charging times of batteries of electrical traction vehicles to a minimum. The time factor is even more critical with the fast Formula 1 cars, because fractions of seconds matter there. Our precision pumps assist the high-performance engines with (strictly confidential!) motor control for optimal performance yield. Sebastian Vettel also drove home the secure victory with a SP pump on board.

Quite a different element of racing is the automated beverage supply: Our pumps supply the drivers during the race with liquid via mouth tube and pressure sensor thereby reliably preventing rapid dehydration.

Things are much quieter in public transport: Our pumps are used for exhaust emissions control of heavy-duty diesel engines, for example, for Volvo city buses to help comply with the strict Swedish emission standards.

Our pumps are used to pressurize lumbar support cushions both in public transport and the private car. SP pumps are used in aircraft seats for vertebral disk support and massage purposes.

Our pumps reach even greater heights for the Swiss company STRATXX: So-called near-space zeppelins are developed there, handling telecommunication tasks at 26 km above the earth. To make sure the stratosphere is securely reached, SP pumps are used for pressure compensation in the tail units.

But this is not the end: our "world's highest" pump does its job at the international space station ISS. It is used there for the exactly metered humidification of experimental cell cultures. NASA had required an extremely reliable pump for this special purpose–because failure or maintenance cannot be afforded in space.


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