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Air-conditioning and energy technology

When years of reliability are required for continuous operation, micro pumps from Schwarzer Precision are the first choice for many companies in the field of air-conditioning, heating and energy technology. Our products operate completely maintenance-free.

Schwarzer Precision provides a pleasant air-conditioned environment worldwide: tens of thousands of our miniature pumps perform their duty day in and day out in many apartments and residences. They operate in the control blocks of gas heaters, heating systems and hot water devices. Quietly, reliable and troublefree–for many years.

For example, our miniature pumps are used in the gas heaters and hot water heaters of Vaillant Co. They control the gas supply to the burner. A small diaphragm is located inside the gas supply line which is pressurized by a pump with precisely defined pressure. The diaphragm thus expands to the desired size and reduces the cross-section of the line accordingly. The gas volume can therefore be regulated with high precision–without vulnerable mechanical solutions in the gas line. This guarantees troublefree and maintenance-free continuous operation for years.

Pumps from Schwarzer Precision are also used in refrigeration equipment and air-conditioners. Another technological advantage comes into play here: The pumps cannot only transport gases and liquids but also condensates (e.g. air-water mixes) as they are generated in A/C units.

Thanks to the modular design, each pump type can be optimized specifically to the respective purpose and ideal operating point. This allows for the production of highly specialized but, at the same time, very economically priced pumps. It does not matter whether the volume is for large series or small batches. You will always obtain exactly the right pump for your application. Uncompromising and reliable.

Micro pumps from Schwarzer Precision are used, among others, in the following energy engineering applications:


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