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Environmental, laboratory and analysis technology

The development of analytical systems requires exact components to generate high-quality measuring data. Miniature pumps from Schwarzer Precision have proven themselves for many years both in stationary laboratory instruments and in mobile analysis devices.

Precision for your laboratory systems: Miniature pumps from Schwarzer Precision with their gastight pump heads ensure unfalsified measuring results. Their highly resistant diaphragms and valves resist even aggressive acids and alkaline solutions. The low pulsation and superior regulating capability over a nearly linear characteristic curve guarantee troublefree interaction with very sensitive measuring sensors.

In portable analysis devices our products stand out through extremely low current consumption, very compact dimensions and minimum weight. This allows, for example, designing gas detectors the size of a smartphone. In addition, our pumps can be customized with all parameters exactly to the respective application and purpose.

Micro pumps from Schwarzer Precision are used, among others, in the following environmental, laboratory and analysis applications:


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