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awarded with the "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes" (great award of small and medium-sized businesses) Vera + Marcus Schwarzer (managing directors of Schwarzer Precision)

Medical technology

Precision pumps for medical technology must satisfy maximum requirements. For example, if the pump of an anesthesia device fails a life-threatening situation develops immediately for the patient. Only uncompromising quality counts therefore in this sensitive area.

Environmental and analysis technology

The development of analytical systems requires exact components to generate high-quality measuring data. Miniature pumps from Schwarzer Precision have proven themselves for many years both in stationary laboratory instruments and in mobile analysis devices.

Automotive technology

Miniature pumps from Schwarzer Precision are used in a wide variety of applications in vehicle technology. From the electric forklift truck to the high-performance race car, they have proven themselves for decades through high reliability and exact customization to the respective purpose.

Safety technology

Safety first: From gas concentration measurement at the workplace via portable personal protection devices on to toxicological analysis–our precision pumps with their diverse applications ensure the safety of human life.

Inkjet and reprographic technology

Maximum precision and tough continuous operation are required in professional printing and reprographic-technology. Renowned inkjet and plotter manufacturers therefore rely on micro pumps from Schwarzer Precision.

Industrial engineering

Whether for handling robots, soldering and welding technology or safety monitoring of the workplace: Micro pumps from Schwarzer Precision have become indispensable in a wide range of sectors in industrial and production engineering.

Food industry

Schwarzer Precision is an ideal partner for the food industry with their oil-free and maintenance-free pumps customized exactly to the respective application.

Air-condition and energy technology

When years of reliability are required for continuous operation, micro pumps from Schwarzer Precision are the first choice for many companies in the field of air-conditioning, heating and energy technology. Our products operate completely maintenance-free.

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